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27 June 2009


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ben wilhelmi

Before being rude check what irony means...I perfectly know Wilson is civilian, thanks I'm a pilot who goes there once in a while, I know it's not Eastleigh. But pilots talk and I've met Air Force pilots too. It all comes down to the fact that the KAF hardly flies, just like the police... Maybe you should call the BBC for instance because they funny enough don't seem to be aware of jets flying out there.
As for Al Shabab good luck...


you must be very stupid and very ignorant.
wilson airport is s civilian facility. kenya airforce only flies from there during evacuation of some sort.on that day they had just come back from rescuing hostages from somalia..hence the landing at this airport.

kenya airforce has been flying every from its bases in nanyuki ,wajir and other places and now its helicopter gunshps and jet fighters are in action totally vanquishing the somali based alshabab thugs..we shall take the port of kismayu by this weekend.

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