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01 August 2009


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No he doesn't look too old to be breastfeeding. Worldwide average weaning age is anything up to 7. Human babies need human milk not cows milk. We are the only species that drink the milk of other animals and consider it more normal that drinking the milk of our mothers.

ben wilhelmi

re Smith: I'm not going to remove the comment. It was just a question, not an offensive remark. I made no allusion to the kid being African, and thus implying a special status.
I should learn to be more specific and thorough to avoid irate politically correct readers as explained below...

re Katy: thanks for your answer. Don't worry I'm not a pro Nestle person. I know the damages they've done.
My question was only about the fact that this kid looks much older than 2 years old, which is usually the higher limit in Masai culture. The kid doesn't look in bad health either to explain some emergency feeding.


Totally agree with Smith. Breastfeeding is the best way to feed infants (irrespective of what the formula companies will tell you) - anything else is second best. This is particularly true in Africa where reliably clean water and food supplies aren't in great supply.

Other than that, your photographs are beautiful.


"Doesn't that kid look a bit big for breastfeeding?"

Shame on you for that comment. You have managed to ruin a beautiful photograph with an uninformed and offensive remark.

Perhaps you could either clarify exactly "how big" African children should be when breastfeeding or remove the comment?

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