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07 August 2011


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ben wilhelmi

the weather is quite dry out there. If the engine blocks have been filled with oil for storage, there is hope...

Nettie Christensen

The way cars are treated today is great, but personally, they were treated better in the past. People treat them like a lifelong partner. As a matter of fact, you never have to think about what car you'll get when you resign from your job. By the way, I've seen a lot of people who customize their vintage cars to get the advantage in drag-racing.

Naomi Champy

Oh, those rusty vintage cars need a lot of TLC. A thorough repainting and waxing can make it appear sleek once more. Its engines and other parts probably need replacing and overhauling too. But I think it’s an honor to refurbish these beauties even just for keepsake.

ben wilhelmi

sad but the same time the existing models will never attract the same craze in 20-30 years.

let's hope it won't be too late to rescue the beautiful ones...

Dante Mallet

These vintage cars are to die for! Too bad some of them are in bad condition. These types of cars are more delicate and prone to damages, so we have to take good care of them.

ben wilhelmi

I heard those wreck owners very often still have a faint hope to restore themselves becuse they are attached to them for family reasons but very often never start anything...

Laurence Modithre

It's never too late to restore vintage cars! If those rusted, old road walkers can still be restored, then someone should go over there and tow those cars to a repair shop! Prices of classic cars rise as they grow older, so restoring cars like these is a good investment.

Flavia Casumpang

It's sad to see cars in such a dilapidated condition. But then, at the rate at which new automobiles are manufactured every year, it's no wonder more and more vehicles are neglected and abandoned each year.

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