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20 September 2011


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Blue Silicone Watch

Wow... that's very cool and amazing picture here. I like all pictures which are very beautiful. Every pictures say some headen meaning. Thanks for sharing this with us.

ben wilhelmi

totally right about the beetle! A 2CV could be pretty convenient and fun too.

Carson Wininger

I like the yellow orange Bug! The color is so cool. It’s so perfect for splendid summer road trips, don't you agree? ;) If I owned that car, I would love to parade it everywhere! Haha! People would really love to see this cute little car!

Junior Perrera

It just blows my mind when people say that they've taken road trips, or that they will be going on road trips. Isn't it overwhelming to see other places and meet new people?

ben wilhelmi

...was not ONLY cute but...

ben wilhelmi

the beetle was not cute but also convenient to drive off road in that desert or mountain landscape

Stelle Courney

Whoa. O.o I want one of those! If ever I will buy my own car, I’ll sure paint mine like those. HAHA. It’ll sure be an eye-catcher like that. LOL.

Jolandi Kerstetter

Ain't nothing better than a roadtrip across the great American plains, right? Especially on big bikes and custom cars. It's the redneck version of the Gumball, haha. Love the orange and yellow Beetle. It looks really cute.

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