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14 September 2011


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ben wilhelmi

@Erwin, no need to hunt them down, these beauties are just lying on road sides in many places... one can't miss them.

Erwin Calverley

The cars you find on the road are all amazing! Do you hunt them down, or just wait for them to drive by? Those old cars look like great venues for photoshoots!

ben wilhelmi

thank you! A Nikon D300s with either a 35 or a 12-24 mm lens on these pictures. I was also carrying vintage cameras.


Wow this looks like radiator springs on the Cars movie, what a trip, looks fantastic, as does your other posts, it looks like you have really experienced a wide range of travel cultures and experiences.

Stelle Courney

Whoa, the wall painting in the fourth one looks so real. I had me fooled for a second there! LOL! But those are great shots. The angles give stories to the photos. What camera did you use, Ben? LOL @ the last picture! Funny, indeed! :D

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