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27 November 2011


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ben wilhelmi

coming from Europe we unfortunately don't have anything like a Bel Air, nor is it common to be able to build your own from bits and wrecks...yes road trips in the US are always fascinating albeit not only for cars! Maybe the grass is greener elsewhere. I wonder if Americans would enjoy driving in Europe...

Tyra Shortino

Bel-Air cars have always fascinated me. My grandfather used to drive one when I was a kid and it always looked gigantic to me, even until now. Every time I see a Bel-Air on the streets, I can’t help but be reminded of my late grandfather who has always treated his car with care. He’s the one who taught us to value the things that we worked for. =)

Ervin Capvitz

That homemade car looks so cool! It kind of look like a car from those steam punk- themed movies! I love the look of the rust and the exposed engine. It looks old and yet very captivating. The guys who put that together are really talented. Awesome! =)

Tari Ledsome

US roads are very popular partly because of the cars which graze them. Some are vintage, some just came out of the factory, and others are shaped uniquely. No wonder roadtrips are also popular in the States.

Naomi Champy

Haha, that van looked like the one used in the A-Team. Great pictures! I love the classic car in the last pic. It's so gorgeous. I would love to get my hands on it, but for now, I'll be satisfied with just a picture.

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