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19 December 2011


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ben wilhelmi

13 times? man I'm jealous. I mostly miss the Venice gig.


Iwas there,I had been working in Jersey for the summer and thought i will have that abit of my beloved Pink Floyd just a short distance away across from the channel isles,I was boat building for silva yates and had another two jobs going as well, I needed to amass as much dosh as I could because after the gig I was of down to the south of France to see a lady friend and then off to spain/gib and across to north Africa to sample some of the fabled weed.Any way were was I oh yeh what agig it of the best and I saw the Floyd 13 times in all the first being at Knebworth doing The Dark Side of The Moon tour,was you there do you remember the guy off his hesd caused a delay of the gig when the Floyd refused to play until he came down from some tower that the stitfire came down,proper LSD in those days eh.Any way shine on you crazy diamonds.

ben wilhelmi

Thanks Arron

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

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