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11 December 2011


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ben wilhelmi

sad indeed...

Carry Demaggio

I'm a big fan of vintage cars. And every time I see these cars parked like this and rusting, it only breaks my heart into pieces. I mean, they could've been restored and displayed on car shows, but they were left this way. It's kind of sad.

ben wilhelmi

indeed sad sightings, and indeed lots of money or spare time required. No this is route 66, these wrecks are there for a touristy purpose.

Junior Perrera

Aw! I always look like a sad sack every time I see vintage cars rusting like this. If I were the owner of any of these cars, I would give it a new paint job to bring back its glorious appearance. Well, we can do some possible overhauls to those cars if only the owners have the right resources to do it.

Clint Moore

In a way, cars left to sit in an impromptu auto graveyard and rusting make for quite an eerie sight.. It will take a long time until they're physically gone, unless someone takes them away. It's kind of a shame, as those vehicles must have had a ton of mileage, a ton of memories on the road.

car restoration

If only i can get them for free i would make them brand new.

Tyra Shortino

Wrecked, but certainly not useless. Their driving days are over, but the colors and shapes make surprisingly good photos. The rust aged them, turning them into something akin to statues and sculptures.

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