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18 January 2012


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Silicone Watches

Amazing car post I like it I Never see such kind of cars before. I have many cars but these all are different form them.

Stylish Silicone Watches

Wow.. Amazing collection of different Chevrolet cars and different models according to different years. I like too much red Chevrolet car, it's looking very gorgeous.

Erwin Calverley

These cars are wonderful. That Cadillac made Elvis look even more 'authentic'. Hehehe. Obviously, you've been to a lot of places, and these photos of cars are an excellent souvenir for each remarkable location.

ben wilhelmi

hi Ernest,

totally right. And being from Europe where vintage cars are not so numerous, travelling in the US was an eye opener, a real joy.

Ernest Houston

We can rarely see vintage cars on the road these days. And if we see one, we can’t help but be amazed. Yes, they are considered old, but they are treasures of the past. Those Chevrolet, for example, never go out of style. It never fails to get attention, whenever it is driven on the road or displayed in car shows.

Delsie Maidens

That ’56 Chevrolet Bel Air is quite the head turner. I'd love to drive a car like that someday. Every line and curve in that vehicle simple exudes elegance and class. I love it!

Carson Wininger

That Cadillac 54 is a beauty! Yeah, cool cars. The way you captured them made them even cooler. I can imagine how fly your Land Rover will be, with all those modifications.

ben wilhelmi

exactly, I'd get respect from those bad drivers!

Jolandi Kerstetter

Heh, well, going with a monster car mod can be useful, considering the reasons you mentioned. Of course, there's also the fact that it looks pretty rad. The wheels can be pretty intimidating when you see one rolling down the road... it's almost like a giant boulder going downhill.

Arkansas Motorcycle Trips

Love motorcycle rallies. It's a blast meeting riders from all over the country. Arkansas has some really big rallies and they will be starting soon.

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