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14 February 2012


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ben wilhelmi

Hi Ivo,

Thanks, yes there was no way to miss that colorful Ford logo in the rust around. I wonder if it is as old as the wreck...

Ivo Beutler

Whoa! It’s amazing how you made these rusty cars look so beautiful. I especially like your shot with the Ford logo. Something in that photo says that the car has been through a lot. Anyway, you have an awesome eye for art. Great job!

Maria Wegner

Great photos, Ben! What I love most about your photos is the composition. The rustic details of each car tell a story. You should exhibit these photos in a gallery. Car lovers will surely love to see these pictures! Keep it up!

Ellsworth Mciltrot

Those are awesome pictures, Ben! You have a good eye for detail. It’s kinda sad that the owners left these classic pieces to rot, though. But these autos can still be salvaged through restoration and remodeling. I’m sure that there are car enthusiasts out there who would love to restore these cars to their former glory.

ben wilhelmi

Thanks Elmas. An exhibition? Quite a long shot but why not, one day maybe...

Elmas Schreier

Turning these old, rusty cars into an artful combination of colors through your lens is the mark of a true artist. You are a true photographer who truly has a passion for his work. These photos should be shown in a gallery. If I were to own one photo here, I'd pick the VW. I like how the colors just seem to jump right out of the picture. So cool!

ben wilhelmi

I ued a Nikon D300s with a 12-24mm lens, which is very useful for the wild perspective. Of these wrecks and old cars, I must have collected a few hundred pictures.

Tari Ledsome

What camera do you use for taking photos, Ben? It definitely captures the beauty in rusted cars. The first and last photos are my favorites! I can see you have more of 'em in your blog. How many photos have you collected so far?

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