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03 June 2012


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ben wilhelmi

thanks Stella. Yes we forget so much within years..

Stelle Courney

Those are great cars! Classic! And the motorcycles are extremely cool too! Well, road trips are fun, and taking pictures is one way of treasuring these wonderful memories of yours. Through pictures, you’ll be able to hark back to those great adventures that you had on the road. Nice one, Ben! :D

ben wilhelmi

thanks everybody for the nice vibes. I admit I ws a bit jealous by then, me in the car, them on their hogs...

25 years of amateur photography practice must help to develop an eye and spot or anticipate things ahead...

Delsie Maidens

They are indeed great photos! And the car on the second photo stood out among others in the frame because of its classic look and how neat it is. ;) However, to be able to have a well-conditioned and dirt free looking car, an equal amount of effort should be made. Remember to conduct scheduled maintenance to check the car’s engine and sanitation.

Timmy Radloff

I definitely agree with Eric! Your photos look amazing. Each frame captures the essence and life of these people on the road. It feels like you are really getting to know them and their rides. The composition looks great too! I wonder how you are able to spot these subjects while on the road! Good job!

Erik Lucien

Those are great photos, Ben! It’s pretty clear that you love road trips! Well, I can’t blame you. Capturing these wonderful road heavyweights does bring great joy to some people, including bike and motorcycle enthusiasts. It seems like they are enjoying their rides, and the road too! Great job!

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