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20 September 2012


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Timmy Radloff

Oh, I like Volkswagen! The Volkswagens were founded by the Nazis in year 1937 by the order of Hitler himself. I think it was even his personal car. I have always been interested in automotive history, and the thing that makes the Beetle interesting is that it had a rear engine. Too bad they stopped production in 2003.

Timmy Radloff

It would seem that you had fun driving through route 66 and saw several interesting things on the way. I'm actually interested in the vintage car that you saw. That is rather nice, I mean if you look past the color then you can appreciate that the car actually still works, also the car wreck is still there simply because they haven’t found a way to get the car from the jagged rocks and it is dangerous to climb them. The safety of a person is more important in this aspect.

Nettie Christensen

“Those cars had character, right?”--- Oh, absolutely! My husband would extremely be happy if we happen to see a lot of the great classics on the road too! He’s a classic car lover and it’s his fault why I love vintage cars as well! :p

Carson Ahlstrom

Bow chick a wow wow! Whew! I've never thought I actually would've said that. Heheh. But that blue car made me say it. :) The dark blue color of the exteriors gave the car that modern design, but still, the body frame certainly made it look classic. It's a combination of the past and present, if you ask me.

Ernest Houston

Wow to that blue, vintage Cadillac! I can only see classic Cads in car shows. These classic Cad models are just so distinct because of their triangular front-bumper. I wish I can see one that’s actually being driven on the road. =)

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